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After working for twenty years in the creative arts department of a specialist college for young people with complex needs, Sam decided to undertake an MA in ceramics and gained a distinction. She won one of the graduate residency places at Fireworks Clay Studios in Cardiff and is now emerging as a figurative artist who works predominantly with clay.


Her recent body of work ‘Strange stranger’ explores the weight and awkwardness of being in the body, the pain this alienation can cause, and ironically the beauty and humour that results from this diversity. 

These objects may make you stop and stare, out of curiosity and inquisitiveness. You might be slightly confused, bemused, unnerved, and perhaps disturbed by their uncanny nature and relentless resistance to conform. 


She creates objects that are more about being than being seen. They are frozen moments in time and the position of the work is unfixed, both grasping out at the world and bound to itself, caught as if in a game of ‘cat and mouse' yet with nowhere to hide from the inevitable and perpetual anxiety, only the humour can save you. 

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