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Archive Exhibitions

Showborough Sculpture exhibition                                                                              May 2018

Cotswold Sculpture Park, Summerford Keynes, Cirencester                                      2018-2016

‘Garden of Earthly Delights’ The Gardens Gallery, Cheltenham                                 June 2017

Urban arts Exhibition, Chapel arts Gallery Cheltenham                                             April 2017

Number 8 Art centre Exhibition Worcester                                                                  July-Sept 2015

Showborough House and Sculpture Exhibition, Twyning                                            2012-2018

Worcester urban art Exhibition Number 13 Worcester                                                2013

Gloucester Cathedral, Art for Carers Exhibition                                                           2013

Cheltenham Open studios - Various locations                                                             2011-2017

Hope Gallery Cheltenham                                                                                            2009

Art Factory Exhibition The Gardens Gallery Cheltenham                                            June 2008

Selling to commission                                                                                                  2005-present

Art Depot Exhibition   Tewksbury                                                                                 November 2007

Star Art Auction                                                                                                            October2007

Gloucestershire Arts Trail Merchant Key. Gloucester Docks                                        July 2007                                            

Cleeve Gallery, Bishops Cleeve                                                                                   April 2007

Tewksbury Arts Festival                                                                                               April 2006

Tewksbury Town Hall                                                                                                    May 2006                                  

Teenyweeny Gallery, Tewksbury                                                                                  April-Nov 2005

Elmbury Gallery, Tewksbury                                                                                         February 2004                                  

 The Star Gallery, Ullenwood                                                                                       Sept 2000

Axiom Art Gallery Exhibition, Cheltenham                                                                   March 1995                         

St Edwards Middle School Arts Festival, Cheltenham                                                 May 1992

Graduations in clay, ICA, London                                                                                 July 1990                                        

Degree Show, Howard Gardens Gallery, Cardiff                                                          June1990

Shape of things to come, Chepstow Workshop Gallery                                               April 1990                                               

Teapots, Cardiff Central Library                                                                                   April 1989                                             

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